National Club Challenge

What is the National Challenge Competition?
The National Challenge Competition (NCC) is designed to get triathletes excited about off-season training at the club level. Tri Clubs across the country go head-to-head to see who can log the most training miles during the competition.
The NCC will feature three sessions, each one month in duration, from December to February. Clubs will record their training miles and submit them on NCC site for automatic calculation and ranking.
All sessions will include swim, bike, and run, but one sport will be highlighted for each session. The winning club for each session is determined by the greatest number of miles logged during that session for that month's discipline. There are also prizes for the first club to reach the benchmark mileage for each session, and Overall Combined Mileage for a club at the end of the three months.
In December the focus is swimming, in January it is cycling and in February it is running. Individual awards will be handed out throughout the competition. Overall mileage will be awarded by gender at the conclusion of the NCC. Prizes and awards will be announced near the end of the competition.

Click here to register. NEED TO USE YOUR USAT LOGIN AND PASSWORD.  Your username and password from previous NCC challenges will not work. Log your miles in this website

Participating clubs must appoint one person to be the registrar and liaison to USAT. (Lori Soriano,

Not only is it a great way to fuel your competitive fire throughout the winter, but it is also a chance to "race" against the rest of the country in the comfort of your own facilities.


  • Each club MUST be a registered club of USA Triathlon and all competitors must be members of USA Triathlon and a member of a USA Triathlon Club. If you are not a registered member of USA Triathlon, please join, your club is the Bakersfield Trispokes.Email Lori and let her know your USAT #, so she can ensure you are registered.
  • Each athlete will be able to access their NCC account by logging into their USAT membership account and will be able to enter their own miles in the NCC platform.
  • Athletes can only represent one club during the competition. An athlete will only be able to choose one club to represent during registration.
  • Athletes may begin logging and entering miles on December 1st.
  • During each session, athletes will have a maximum of 14 days to enter their mileage from the day completed, unless otherwise authorized by USA Triathlon. After the end of each session, athletes will have 2 additional days to enter miles for the previous two weeks.
  • To win the overall individual competition, an athlete must participate in at least two of the three disciplines: swim + bike, swim + run, or run + bike.
  • USAT encourages miles to be logged on at least a weekly basis.
  • Only miles accrued between the first and last day of each month will be counted for that month's session.
  • Odometers/computers must be used to track all miles for the bike (see only exception in the next bullet point). Athletes who use a trainer must place their odometer on the back wheel to track their speed and distance. Moderate resistance must be used (5 on a 10 point scale) at a minimum.
  • If an athlete does not have a computer tracking their mileage during a spinning class or stationary bike, USA Triathlon will grant that person 15 miles for each hour on a spin/stationary bike.
  • A swim bench or rowing machine will not count for swimming miles in the competition.
  • USA Triathlon will grant one (1) mile of running for every one (1) mile on an elliptical machine. There will be no weighting of the elliptical miles as with actual run miles. When entering elliptical miles, select "elliptical" from the drop down list and the system will record the miles within the total run miles. Unlike previous years there is no need to divide by 3 before entering.
  • Cross-country ski miles will be weighted as one (1) mile of running for every three (3) miles of cross country skiing. Athletes will enter in their actual XC ski miles, select the discipline from the drop down menu and the system will weight the mileage accordingly.
  • Any athlete may be asked to submit to a mileage audit at any point in the competition. Onus will be on the athlete to verify their mileage during the competition. Verification can be made by GPS, Coach, training mate, club administrator and/or legal guardian. If an athlete can not verify their mileage, they will be disqualified from the competition for the entire season. The club representative will be notified of the violation and the athletes miles will be removed from the system.
  • In order to equalize each discipline, we have weighted the other disciplines outside of cycling
    • 1 Swim Mile = 10 Mile
    • 1 Bike Mile = 1 Mile
    • 1 Run Mile = 3 Mile

Additional Notes:

  • All clubs will enter their actual miles into the NCC site. The weighting will be calculated automatically
  • Elliptical miles will not be a weighted discipline. Three (3) XC Skiing miles equals one (1) run mile.
  • The National Challenge Competition rules are subject to change during the competition.


  • Athletes log all three discipline mileages over the three months. At the end of each month, the individual male and female winners and the top 5 clubs are awarded prizes. At the end of the competition, the overall individual (male and female) winners, as well as the overall club winners of each division, are awarded prizes.
  • To win the overall individual competition, an athlete must participate in at least two of the three disciplines: swim + bike, swim + run, or run + bike.
  • New in 2016-2017, there will be no capped team size. Previously this was set at 75 participants per team. Club scores will be calculated by averaging the mileage of the club members divided by the number of club members registered for the competition. Clubs will also be scored on total mileage per within their respective club division.

Club Divisions:

  • Division I: > 250 Members
  • Division II: 249-130 Members
  • Division III: 129-89 Members
  • Division IV: 88-30 Members  (Trispokes are in this category)
  • Division V: 29-2 Members

A Note On Safety:

Coaches, club administrators and athletes need to be sure that participants are training properly for their age and ability. We do not want an athlete to over train by participating in the competition. It’s the coaches, club administrators and athlete’s responsibility to know the ability levels of the participants and place them in the appropriate training regimen. Youth athletes (7-17 years of age) are eligible to compete as long as they are USA Triathlon members. Coaches, parents and club administrators need to be sure that youth athletes are training properly for their age and ability. We do not want a youth athlete to over train by participating in the competition. It’s the coaches, club administrators and parents' responsibility to know the ability levels of the athlete and place them in the appropriate training regimen.

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