The Bakersfield Trispokes is a triathlon club for local triathletes who can benefit from Triathlon Training & Racing Activities, Support Services, Informational Meetings, Friendship and Fun for all ages and abilities.  The club was built under the wings of Kern Wheelmen in 2011 to fill the void that is missing in the triathlon community here in Bakersfield.  There are a number of members that attend the Kern Wheelmen meetings that race triathlon.  So this group was intended to offer support for experienced racers to those wanting to do a triathlon for the first time.  The triathlon club will continue to ride with the Kern Wheelmen as there are many different training techniques and programs and a lot to focus on when riding a bicycle.  The Kern Wheelmen has groups that fit all speed levels (Slow Spokes, Recreational, Outspoken, or Peloton) The Trispokes will allow the athlete to mesh the other two sports, swimming and running into the training.  One of my favorite activities is something called a BRICK.  If you haven't heard that term before and you've done a triathlon or duathlon before you will know exactly what it is.  Bike, Run, ICK! Think of finishing your 55 mile ride up from Woody to Alta Sierra and back, throwing your bike in your car, putting your running shoes on, and running a few miles.  That initial feeling when you first start running is an interesting one, some love it but some think ugh, this sucks, then work it out anyway.  The cycling buddies you were just riding with will think you're certifiably crazy but your fellow triathletes will understand.  The more interest grows, the more we can create group events in the future to practice/learn from the following activities/clinics:

  • ​brICK Training

  • Transition Clinics

  • Open Water Swim Training

  • Running: Hill/Track Training

  • Interval Training for all sports

  • Nutritional Needs/Advice

If you have any club or triathlon related questions feel free to contact: 

Danny Edwards, President -

Abby Epton, Vice President 

Tracey Crawford, Secretary 

Lynelle Summers, Treasurer

Members at Large - Mike Toland, Elliot Feng, Floyd Reading

About Us

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